Nicole Shanahan

Nicole Shanahan serves as President of Bia-Echo. She is an attorney in California and a research fellow at CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics. She is the founder and CEO of ClearAccessIP, an integrated patent management technology, and a legal technologist who specializes in the utilization of structured databases, APIs, UI/UX, automation and SaaS. Her research at Stanford is entitled “Smart Prosecution,” an ongoing, multi-disciplinary project applying data science to the prosecutorial process and involving partnerships with district attorneys and police departments. Apart from the practical applications of legal technology, she is formulating an economic theory entitled “Coasean Mapping” to predict the pace and nature of society’s adoption of legal artificial intelligence.

In the past, Nicole has supported efforts in Bia-Echo’s three core investment areas through the Sergey Brin Family Foundation. She and her husband, Sergey Brin, look forward to addressing these critically important issues in the future.